'08 - Who/Why?

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It's 2007. A lot of people are saying it's too early to get hyped up about the 2008 presidential elections. But, then again, why wouldn't we want to think about getting rid of Bush? .... Unless, of course, you like Bush, and if that's the case you're entitled to your opinion.

So, who are you supporting the "race to '08"?
Why are you supporting them?
Does the fact that there is no real candidate (besides Kuchinic, who doesn't stand a chance because no one can spell his name...) supports gay marriage?
Will you support a candidate who is against gay marriage?

What do you think the voting issues (besides Iraq, of course) are going to be this election year?

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for some reason, i'm praying

for some reason, i'm praying obama runs. just because i know it'll either be him or hilary *shudders*.

i just have a good feeling about obama.

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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Obama v. Hillary v. Edwards

To be honest, I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about the Republican candidates. Not because I would never vote for a Republican, but because any I do agree with a) won't make it out of the primaries or b) will have to change their opinions to appeal to the religious right (WRONG), and therefore I wouldn't agree with them anymore. (Which is my fear for Guiliani...)

So, I jumped straight to the Dems. Hm... Who've we got here?

All the old faces, except of course: Obama. Gore and Kerry, in my opinion, don't stand a chance. Gores not running, Kerry is too much of an idiot, plus he's the old loser. No one wants all their hopes of winning to rest on the sholders of loser. Biden... Eh, not likely. He's Biden. Old KKK member, just plain old, not near as handsom as Obama and Edwards, not near a flashy as Hillary. (Yes, I realize there are other candidates, but... come on, they don't stand a snow ball's chance in hell, so I'm not gonna waste my time.)

So, I've pretty much come down to Hillary, Obama and Edwards. I liked Edwards in 2004, and I still like him. But, of course, there is something about Obama. I've read his new book, The Audacity of Hope, I've read all his speeches, seen all his interviews. I know Obama about as well as any normal citizen can. Which I why I now support him in his campaign for the Presidency. He's inexperienced, but so was JFK and Lincoln, arguably the 2 best presidents this nation has ever seen.

He doesn't support gay marriage. But, eh, who does? Not Hillary or Edwards or Biden or Guiliani.... I could go on and on. There are only 5 senators who openly support gay marriage. It's still disappointing that Obama doesn't, but in his book he admits that his thoughts on gay marriage could very well be wrong. God knows the politicians in this nation could use some humility. I agree with him on almost every other big issue, really except No Child Left (behind).

Now, one might say I'm competely ignoring Hillary. No, trust me, I've thought about her good and hard. How I feel about Hillary is this: she would probably be a good president... until a republican stepped into the room. Hillary is a bitch. Now, I don't have a problem with that. Her husband is a jackass, but he was a good president. But Hillary, it seems, does not like idea of bipartisanship. That's a huge problem. HUGE.

So, that's why I've come to my conclusion. I would love a Obama-Hillary ticket in '08. Obama could work with everyone, be an amazing leader, while when he needs some more experience he could look to his VP, Hillary.

Sorry Edwards... You would have gotten the handsome vote if Obama hadn't come along... And, the truth his, his "my father was a goat herder in Kenya" story beats your "I'm the some of a mill worker" into the ground. Without that, what would you talk about?



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I like Obama because from

I like Obama because from his speeches he seems like a really smart guy, also he seems less partisan than the other candidates. Hillary looks ok, but the Republicans made Kerry, a war hero, look like a bum, so I think they'd destroy Hillary. The Democrats really need a leader and a strong candidate, and I think Obama is the guy. Plus he has some life to him, Edwards does too but the rest seem kind of dry.

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i'm most likely gonna be

i'm most likely gonna be supporting whoever is running against bush.
make love not war . . . . or be abstinent and bomb everybody!!!!

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honey, bush can't run again.

honey, bush can't run again. this is his last term (dances for joy).

"freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"

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Obama is cool and like him, but unless something very different happens soon, its going to be Hilary. She's expereinced and professional enough now, she knows what to do. Obama is just too new for today's world. Truen neither are gay marriage supporters, but face it who is? As for the republicans I don't think anyone really knows who is going to stand

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To add to the not-supporters-of-gay-marriage discussion

(From a Massachussettsian who has the right, at least for the next year.)

Gay marriage is really important for gays and society. I know that, you know that, a good third of straight Americans know that. But there are other big issues too. Yes, we must fight for our rights. But it would be tragic if, in fighting for our rights, we lost sight of other major issues going on in our country. (How many of us can dissect the Iraq war intelligently or know the difference between the Sunnis, Shi'ites, and Kurds? I know about as much as my Econ teacher tells me every couple months.)

Just throwing that out there.

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anyone but a republican. no

anyone but a republican. no offense to any republicans. we took over congress, and now it's time for the oval office.

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Between Hilary and Obama . . . Obama.

Let's consider this: as it was mentioned before, Bill was a good president despite some major faults, but Hilary was, and still is, a major . . . um . . . Dog. After eight years of letting Bush make us look like idiots to the entire world, not even the republicans are backing him anymore, and we're seeing the most unification between the two parties on issues than we've seen in ten years. All that will fly out the window if Hilary takes the seat. I think the american nation is ready for something new, and by that, I mean drastically new. After two Bush's and a Clinton, I think people are prepared for a change, and that may have been reflected in the recent taking of both the House and the Senate by the republicans. We need a highly educated individual with the ability to use that education in a bipartisan manner, to support his own causes without setting fire to either of the parties.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people I can see appreciating his stance and taking him all the way may not be the most politically active group of people, and it's going to be essential to reach out to them for the primary elections. HOWEVER, with this being the year that, as my professors have commented, "we have both a woman and a black man on the ballot!", we may see, with luck, one of the biggest voting turnouts ever with the results of the presidantial primaries.

NOTE: Am I confused, or why do the democrats have so many canidates that the republicans seem non-existant in comparison?

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The Republicans are in power now, so there's no need for them to enter the race early. Not to mention, they always have less of a freak show when it comes to picking candidates. It is usually down to one or two serious frontrunners, and then just a few whack jobs to say the stuff they want voters to hear, just not directly from the candidates (gays, flag burning, abortion, etc.).

Plus, right now, we're pitting the democrats against one another.... why would they want to stop that momentum by jumping in? Everything Hillary's camp brings up negative about Obama is one less thing they have to make public and seem like the bad guys.

But, yeah, the party in power usually holds back until later in the race. Of course, this is a 2008 race, so we're way early. This is like the mall playing Christmas Carols in June.


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I hate

I hate Bush more than anyone and can't wait untill he is out of the white house and I love 07 I'm graduating this year.

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