A Ballad for Two Men

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[Not my best, but hey, you try writing in meter, bucko!]

Their lips crept closer, so they could share
An illegal kiss. They cried;
It wasn’t right for men to touch,
For men to love. They divide.

And seal their fate all over again—
Just magnets made of flesh.
Addicted to their passion’s crime,
They commit their act. Refresh.

“Why do we have to live this way?
Love wasn’t made just to hide;
Like a flower, it needs Sun to survive.
Let’s not wither. Let’s have pride.”

“I’m so afraid. I’m so alive.
Could we love and could we shine?
And are we really stronger than hate?
The doubts run down my spine.”

“I don’t know if they will hate us.
I don’t know if we will win.
All I know is my love for you
Goes beyond this simple skin.”

They embraced. They knew. And they were gods.
Hands entwined, they walked into
The world, and tears assailed their eyes,
Then fists assailed them through.

They didn’t know. They didn’t know.
But they knew blood—knew too well.
Quick, now. To the ground, and don’t you move,
Not even for farewells.

They didn’t know. They didn’t know
That it had to be this way;
That love was just another grave,
That hope was made to betray.

They didn’t know. They didn’t know.
Just knew each other’s eyes.
They locked them fast as death arrived,
Kept their tears at their love’s red demise.


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That's awesome! I really,

That's awesome! I really, really like it!! ... I'm trying to think of something else to say, but I can't! *huggles for the awesome poem!!*

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Oooh, high five! It's very

Oooh, high five! It's very nice.

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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good job little man!!! i LIKE how it rhymes... it would be easier to make it into a song that way... IF u ever felt like it. :o)
BTW how r u???