a HANGOVER...best way to start the new year!

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hey ya'll HAPPY NEW YEAR!

my new years eve was pretty cool...well i worked from 10 to 3 and at 8 i went to my cousins house to celebrate. And guess what? i got fucking drunk off my ass lol. seriously. i went up to my dad and asked if i could drink 'cause c'mon it was New Years for god sakes haha...so he said yeah and even if i did get some sips from my cousin before i got his permission i went all out and had like god knows how many beers (that's all they had, they hid the hards :(...suckie) but yeah i also had some wine and a sip of barcardi that i found lol.

omg this was the first time ever i drank ion a loong time and it was too much...i couldn't walk straight, and i was slurring a little too...but that didn't stop me and my cousin Mel, we walked around the neighborhood telling everyone Happy New Year...it was fun. i ran through the sprinklers and yeah...i was hammered lol.

and fuck i woke up today...with a god damn hangover. my very first HANGOVER lol...god i was throwing everything up, i couldn't eat without it coming back up...i felt sick, well i still do too now. ;( i feel like shit! but we still went out today and went around the island taking pictures and just bonding...all us cousins...it was coo until everyone kinda got on each others nerves...wasn't me though, i was minding me own business and trying not to get more sick. blah...

well it's about 11:40 now...almost january 2nd...wow...and i'm still not feeling too good :(...well i'll see ya'll later....hope everyones new years was good ;)


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Nice. Sounded fun

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I only had three shots (part of a contest to guess the names of the shots on a ballot for a prize), and one champagne toast at midnight. But, to deflect attention, since people dirnking want EVERYONE to be drinking, I was having a lot of water, cranberry juice, and lime, so a lot of people assumed I was vodka and cranning all night.

I've never had a hangover, heh. I guess it's part of my Irish background?

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are you implying us irish are a bunch of drunks eh Jeff?Lol just kidding! I can't say I suffer from hangovers myself, guess I'm just lucky:)

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sounds like loads of fun! wish i coulda been there (i dont drink a lot though ;-). love ya!

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I'm a minor, but my

I'm a minor, but my girlfriend got my friend drunk (it took 2 and a half bottles of sparkling cider) and she had one hell of a hangover the next morning. It was funny though, while she was drinking, she was like "Turn down the lights! Stop spinning me around! Why are you yelling so loud?" She made a hilarious drunk. At that was only apple juice.

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