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I hate my computer sometimes, It's angry at me. I kind of sort of want to kick it, except that might make it more angry, and since my other computer is half-way taken apart, I'd have to fix two. Anyways, my dad's unit changed, and since this unit is new and hasn't been to Iraq, theres a higher chance he could go on his third tour. That pisses me off. He's missed 2 of my birthdays, 3 Thanksgivings and 4 Christmas's. I don't have the greatest relationship with him, and it gets worse every time he leaves. It's not purposeful, just we get more distance from each other.

Amy spent the night last night, It made me happy, I like when we get to see each other outside of school. We watched some movie about fashion, I didn't really understand, cause clothes and purses, but she did, and it was cute. Then comcast decided it was going to fail and we couldn't finish watching the video.

I saw my sister today! And new sonograms of my niece! I'm all happy and excited. My sister and I are really close, she's also about 10 years older than me. But she's awesome. So we ended up going out to lunch and to get ice cream. I ended up talking to my brother in-law in the backseat about going to Defcon 15 this summer. I think we're gonna end up getting to go. I also got a new book from him. The Art of Intrusion by Kevin Mitnick, so I'm off to read that.

Goodnight sweet dreams and better days RoAr