Anatomy of Love

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What hand is it, encroaching fast
That steals my adoration locked
With keys constructed by the past
And circumstances seen and stocked?

That grips with fingers, warm with love
Around blood’s throbbing temple in
My chest constricting from a shove
Of heaven dancing on my skin

What eyes are they, that catch my stare
And blossom like the sky reborn?
That with their perfect bound’ries tear
The glowing magic from the morn

That lock the ocean in their cores
With fields of blue on tiny spheres
And take me to uncharted shores
Where waters wash away the fears

What mouth is it, that speaks my name
With beauty resting on the sound?
That holds forever in its frame
And with soft murmurs steals the ground

That shapes new motions in its speech
And births emotions with its tongue
That goes beyond the human reach
To breathe my soul into his lung


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This is fantastic. - Pat

This is fantastic.

- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay
characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"