Another Gay Movie: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

Before I say another word, I need to point out that this movie is not for the younger viewers of the site. In the commentary track, the director mentions wanting to make the "gayest movie ever," and succeeds, but it is way, way over the top. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

The movie is about four friends, all high school graduates about to enter college after summer vacation. The foursome are also, to use their term, "booty virgins." So, they all make a pact to have anal sex before the end of summer. The movie is patterned off of both the American Pie and Scary Movie series, so there is nudity, gross-out humor, and parodies of other gay movies throughout.

I am a bit biased when it comes to this movie, because I saw it in San Francisco, when it opened theatrically at the historic Castro Theater. I went to see it at a nearly sold out show, with the cast and some crew in attendance. Seeing a movie there is an experience in and of itself, so a raucous gay flick about booty virgins playing in front of a couple hundred loud cattle-calling queens in the Castro District... can you say fun night out?

Thankfully, the magic isn't entirely lost on DVD. It is still a very funny movie, but only if you sign on to the dual-homage of parody and gross-out. I mean, in the American Pie movies there is always male nudity, often homoerotic in setting, but the joke in those movies is that the boys aren't gay, but they'll do something gay if it means seeing a naked woman. In this movie, they'll get naked and do something homoerotic, only they are gay, so it definitely changes the setup. There are parodies of Broken Hearts Club, Queer as Folk, Trick (in the deleted scenes) and a lot of other popular gay movies. And the gross-out stuff is way, way, way over the top from teacher's with comically large penises to having too many enemas before bottoming for Richard Hatch (yes, the fat naked winner of the first season of Survivor and, yes, you get to see what CBS pixellated out).

Michael Carbonaro plays Andy, shown in the marketing materials having sex with a quiche (from behind no less), in the Jason Biggs role from American Pie. He keeps having the embarrassing sexual accidents that lead to him having uncomfortable discussions with his father (played by Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall). I think Carbonaro does an amazing job in this movie and I can't wait to see him in a more traditional role. It takes a lot to sell his scenes and he turns in a flawless performance. Jonah Blechman is the queeny Nico, who thinks he's closeted, and has a thing for older men, including the aforementioned Hatch. Older viewers may remember Blechman as the boy who gave Leonardo DiCaprio a kiss at the piano in the movie "A Boy's Life." They are the two standout performers in what is really a note-perfect movie.

The movie is quick-paced, the jokes all land successfully, and you're laughing the whole time you wonder why you're watching such a thing. Listening to the commentary track (I'm a nerd), it's amazing how quick the shooting schedule was for the movie, given how damn good it looks. It is vibrant, colorful, and perfectly suited throughout. The track will also tell you which actors in their underwear were showing you their true selves or whether they padded up for the scene, if you need to know such things.

Having heard of the "famous" Mink Stole scene that didn't make the final cut, where she does a parody of the scene in Trick where Coco Peru delivers a monologue to Christian Campbell at the urinal, I couldn't imagine how there was any question about its inclusion. I didn't really think it worked. It was long and unfunny. Its home on the cutting room floor was definitely the right decision, although I've never been a huge Mink Stole fan.

So, if you're looking for an over-the-top, gross, funny, dirty, sexy movie, this is it. There is simulated gay sex, and a lot of gross very adult stuff, though. So, it definitely isn't for everyone on this site.


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After hearing that Scott Thompson was in the movie I was desperate to see it. He plays his role fantastically well.

The whole movie just keeps on pushing the barrier of "too far" and it crosses it a few times, but in the context of the story and the bizarre set-ups, it works.

This movie is a turning point for gay cinema, it is low brow humour that pokes fun at itself. Its not preachy nor heartwarming, its silly and juvenile, but can you really say that about any other gay movie? (I'd love to hear it if you don't agree with me.)

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lol YAY!!

was hoping to see this show!! I dunno if it's out in Canada, but if I find it, I'm buying it. I love American pie. A GAY version would be HILARIOUS!!!

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Yep, definitely out in

Yep, definitely out in Canada, it might take some looking to find it though. I had them order it in for me.

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Great movie :D

I love this movie It made me laugh til it hurt. Great Review~! :]


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My god, we saw the trailer

My god, we saw the trailer for this in school and we have been desperately been trying to concoct a plan to sneak to the video store rent it and watch it. So far all attempts have failed spectacularly

V is the bomb, he blows with anarchy!!!

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If anyone has a credit card, join NetFlix, quit before the two week trial ends.


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Heck Yes!

Fricken love this movie!

One of my all time favs, hands down.
My friends and i quote this movie at least twice a day hahaha.
Plus I work at a grocery store, so people buying quiche make me laugh... they have no clue why though haha