Any Queer Books to Recommend?

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I was just wondering. Does anyone have any good queer books to recommend? preferably with some lesbians in them? seems like all the god gay books go to our good gay boys. (no offense boys but have you tried finding a good lesbian romance where the character weren't a: formerly straight, b: below the age of 30)

so....i was just wondering. maybe it's just my conservative little town with ONE major bookstore that's not even a Barnes & Noble's....

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Coming Soon..., but Meanwhile...

I totally agree, and it's true that my trilogy, Chronicles of Firma, also has gay boys as the main heroes. But I am acutely aware of the lack of strong lesbian characters in quality fiction, so I hereby promise all you gay women out there that the next book I write after this trilogy is finished will feature a gay heroine. It's going to take me another year and a half to finish the trilogy, but I won't forget what I promised.

Meanwhile, of course, my current book, Orphan's Quest, does have a lesbian warrior realm featured rather prominantly in it, and there's a great major lesbian character coming up in book three, Maven's Trust, so I can recommend this trilogy to gay women with a perfectly clear conscience.

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YEs, Keeping you a secret,

YEs, Keeping you a secret, pretty much anything by Julie Anne Peters, except for Luna and Define Normal, though both good books. Empress of the World by Sara Ryan, Ther was something else, those are ones i've read, but I have heard of some that i'd like to read.
Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson
Kissing Kate- can't remember author
Annie on my Mind- again, can't remember author.

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Under the age of 30...

So... older lesbian women... The only one I can think of is Rubyfruit jungle... I'll get back to you.


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Um... almost any Rita Mae

Um... almost any Rita Mae Brown books

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here are some

"Far from xanadu" by julie ann peters (and it was pretty good.)
"The Heart does not Bend" by Makeda Silvera- (really great, dramatic)
"Valencia" by Michelle tea (sooo trippy, moves quite fast, unique)

Here is one that is non-fiction, but it was informative, cute and funny: "The straight girl's guide to sleeping with chicks" by Jen Sincero. u can check out her websight here:

good luck with finding stuff at ur local bookstore. i found all the above reads, at Chapters/Indigo (big canadian chains, like B&N) and also my university bookstore. maybe u should try a university/college bookstore?

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Annie on my mind

'Annie on my mind' was written by Nancy Garden if i'm not mistaken
Andi can second 'keeping you a secret'
i loved both of these books. they moved me and helped me to accept my sexuality

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M.M. Kerr has written a few

M.M. Kerr has written a few queer themed books that I found in my high school library. I know that Hello, I Lied is about a gay teen and Deliver Us From Evie is about the brother of a lesbian and how their family deals with his sister's homosexuality. The Lake of Dead Languages is also pretty good. As for decent, more adult fiction that involves strong lesbian characters I really haven't found anything that I like--I don't necessarily have to relate to the characters, but I'd rather not be irritated by them. I just read Rubyfruit Jungle and it's not going on my favorites list.

I've had a lot of trouble finding books with good lesbian characters that aren't in high school as well...but I have read some really excellent gay male fiction--it's just not fair! Ooh, Trans-Sister Radio is an interesting read. That has lesbianism...sort was good though.

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Lesbian fiction

I love Sarah Waters books. Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet.

I do find it annoying that a lot of lesbian books and movies will a lot of the time have a character who starts off straight dating a guy and then has to hurt the guy cause she realizes she is a lesbian. Makes it look like homosexuals like turning people and stealing them away from others.

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I second AzulLove: Sarah

I second AzulLove: Sarah Waters is great. I read Tipping the Velvet. It takes place in Victorian England. A good novel! (The main character starts as a teenager, but grows older during the book. and she's not formerly straight.)

I also read Terry de La Pena's "Faults" and found it very good. In the center there is a Hispanic women couple in L.A. where one has deserted the other, and they are trying to get back top each other, and trying to forgive each other. I found it very good. THe whole family of one of the woman is also central in the book, and the complicated relations between all of them.

and then... well... I recommend to check out Michelle Tea. SHe writes very funny. People might find it a bit ... hm, how to say... I mean she writes about everything, sometimes it is very sad, and she writes about that in an ironic way. disturbing, at times. But great, too. Very witty, and sharp scathing comments. also full of political analyses, but not presented in a boring or moralizing way.
I love "Rent Girl". It is written from the perspective of a lesbian prostitute. (I mean she is a prostitute for men, but in her private life she's a lesbian.) (Well, the main character starts age 21 and ends about 30, I think. and she's not formerly straight.)

I also read "Rose of no man's land" by her. But here the protagonist is clearly under 30. I think she's 15 or 14. ) O but it is not a romance, I just come to realize.
Rent Girl isn't a romance either, even though there are some parts in it...

For a romance, I recommend "Faults" and "Tipping the velvet".

If you read any of those books, I am curious to know how you liked them :-) Have fun reading!

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