anyone on here have any medical background?

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okay, um..i have this odd affliction and want to know if this happens to anyone else and what i might be able to do about it...

whenever i get cold, like my skin gets cold (it's hard to explain, but i know when it's happening) my fingers swell up and i break out in hives. like red, itchy hives all up and down my arms. i woke up one morning and my arms looked like i'd rubbed them in poison ivy. i put some caladryl (helps with these rashes) and my arms warmed up and it went away. but now that it's winter it's been happening more frequently.

is this normal? is it normal for my fingers to swell up and for me to get a rash?

just curious if anyone else has this problem...

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I don't experience that

I don't experience that problem but, um, I really don't think hives and swelled fingers are normal :S You should really ask your doctor, or at least your school nurse.

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cold itching rash

Darling -It is possible you ate or drank something to which you are allergic and don't know it; the cold temps could just be a correlation not a cause. Allergies often give rashes like using prescription drugs (Toprol, Cardizem) in which case, Benydryl (in stores) works wonders but follow label.
The other cause, unrecognized, could even be nervousness getting out of hand. In each case, watch and see what you eat/drink/are prescribed/or situations that put you on edge. Another possibility could be vaccine use.

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another thought is special gloves that can warm you

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It is possible, I kid you not, to be allergic to cold. That's what it sounds like to me, so you should probably talk to a doctor, and just avoid the cold, I guess.


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you might be allergic to

you might be allergic to something? but yo should deffenitly go to a doctor

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hmmm...i do believe haNa's

hmmm...i do believe haNa's right.

i think it's something called cold urticaria, where you're allergic to cold temperatures.

i checked the symptoms, and that's what i get, mild hives and swelling. i mean, it's nowhere to the extreme of some people, but it does sound strangely familiar. the doctor!!!

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...I know a guy who's allergic to cold. That could be what you've got... get it checked out. :-)

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haha, this was ages ago, but

haha, this was ages ago, but sounds exactly like my cold urticaria, i've had it since i was 2. strange isn't it? what'd the doctor tell ya?
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Don't use caladryl, because

Don't use caladryl, because you have limited uses with that, use Eucerine, not limited (Plus it keeps the heat in). I am allergic to the cold and I have a surface allergy to water (It sucks). I would also warm you to the idea of maybe investing in a Gortex jacket next spring when it goes on sale (Constantly keeps you warm, no matter what and it stops the rashes from becoming a problem). But yeah I don't have an medical background but, I am one who has been in and out of the hospital for my whole life, and I know enough about a hospital to be a nurse's assisstant.

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This might sound odd but I

This might sound odd but I think you're allergic to cold because the same thing happens to my friend when she has her hand in cold water and she says it's because she's allergic to cold.

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My friend has the same thing

My friend has the same thing happen to her. She's allergic to cold. The way she deals with it is just trying to stay warm- always wearing lots of layers, so that if it does get cold she won't be. She also drinks soup and and chocolate and other warm things. Just try and stay as warm as possiblt

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A friend's arms and finger

A friend's arms and finger really swell up when she gets cold- some sort of minor blood circulation problem, she gets acupuncture done about once a month to help it. might be related, no?

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not familiar with cold urticaria, but...

I have Raynaud's phenomenon and it's also quite freaky and related to the cold and circulation. Basically if my fingers get too cold the blood drains out of one or more, leaving them white and vampiric.

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I have a similar problem,

I have a similar problem, somewhat like Raynaud's, only swelling (I'm thinking its Psoriatric Arthritis or something similar, but I haven't had it diagnosed yet). Unlike you, I don't get hives... but yeah there are a ton of other conditions that have similar symptoms. Some have treatments and others don't. :< I wish you luck, I know it sucks to have a temperature related hand disorder. :C

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carefull here

The only person you should take medical advise from is a person who works in that field such as a Nurse, or Doctor. Not your friends. Here we are your friends and as you can see the most of us tell you that you should see a Doctor for this problem. Any time you are sick, have hives, or any sort of problem it could be serious. There for follow our advise and see your Doctor today. not tomorrow but today. this is because we all care on here. Good luck and blessed be.

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Move closer to the equator.

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