Attention Artists! - Enter My Fan Art Contest!

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Hey Guys!

This month on my website, I'm running a fan art contest. First prize is a signed copy of Orphan's Quest. For those of you in the closet, the book cover and description give no incdication that it's about a gay hero, but if you win and you'd rather not have it, I'll come up with some other prize for you. Same deal if you win second prize, which is a free download. Since I've already offered all you guys free downloads, I'd find some other prize for you if you come in second. You just have to let me know you're from Oasis and you would like a different prize.

You don't have to have read the book to enter the contest. There are excerpts posted there for you to interpret artistically.

To enter, visit my website at and click on the link below where it says: "Sign up to win a signed copy of Orphan's Quest!" That will lead you to the instructions, rules and excerpts.

So come on all you artists! I need some fan art for my site! The deadline is February 15th so you have plenty of time to enter.

Good luck!

- Patrick


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This sounds exciting! Though

This sounds exciting! Though I may not enter because my scanner isn't working. But, I could take a pic of my drawing using a digital camera. But, also, I'm not so good at drawing....
I'll think about it :D

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD