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Attention photographers!

If you plan to submit photos of real people for the Gay Like Me Project, they MUST be accompanied by signed release forms (link below) from every subject portrayed. If the subject is under 18, and not a legally emancipated minor, the form MUST be signed by a parent or legal guardian. This sucks, I know, but it is a must! PLEASE don't submit falsified forms. It could get me and Oasis in serious trouble. Yes, it bites that some parents may not be willing to give permission, but in this case, we have to abide by the law.

Now, there is the alternative of obscuring the faces of those for whom you cannot obtain a release. I will be glad to do this for you, but you'll have to tell me exactly who needs to be pixilated.

Release forms can only be submitted one way, via snail mail. This is because I need the original signed forms to put on file. You can email me the pics themselves, but the forms need to me mailed to me at:

17 Pine Street
Dixfield, Maine 04224

Here's the link to the form:

If I don't have the forms by layout time, the photos won't go in. Period. So take this seriously if you want your work to be part of this project.

But wait, you ask, why is it that celebrities don't have to sign releases to have their pictures published by the Enquirer? The answer is that the rules are different for celebrities as well as for news outlets (yes, believe it or not, the Enquirer is considered a news outlet). We might be able to argue with a straight face that Oasis is a news magazine, but not the Gay Like Me project. So please, for the sake of me and Jeff and Adrian, play by the rules here, okay?

Thanks and hugs,

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This may sound like a stupid

This may sound like a stupid question but does this also count for things such as hands or things other then faces. And i'm asuming if its a pic of yourself in some manner not saying thats my idea but i'm just thinking of possible pic ideas that it aslo has to be signed.

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No. Just faces, but it does

No. Just faces, but it does include pictures of yourself. If you are under 18, you need your parent or guardian to sign the release form for you. Otherwise we'd have to obscure your face.

- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay
characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Im not doing any photos, but

Im not doing any photos, but its good that someone thought of the legal sides of things, there could be heaps if trouble if there wasnt forms.

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Yes there could. The only

Yes there could. The only reason we're getting around having to have releases for the writings and other works themselves, if any of you are wondering, is because everything is going to be submitted under your Oasis handle. That gives us a bit of a sneak-around since we can consider them anonymous submissions. Unfortunately, we can't do that with likenesses, hence the need for either release forms or pixilated faces.

I doubt any of you really care about any of this legal mumbo-jumbo, but for the one or two of you who do, I hope this assuages any fears you might have had. =)

- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay
characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"