bisexuality and polyamory

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I've found that polyamory and bisexuality are often assumed by the general masses to be synonymous. I'm interested to see people's views on this relationship or lack there of, as well as the automatic and often difficult to deal with assumptions brought along with it. And my apologies if this topic has already been beaten into the ground. other words. Yes, I am this bored.

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what is polyamory? No one

what is polyamory?

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ugh! dont even get me started!

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bisexuality and polyamory...

...are entierley unrelated. That's all there is to it.

If someones going to be with more than one person at once, it has nothing to do with weather they're bisexual or not. Bisexual people can be just as loyal (or un-loyal) to a person as anyone else.

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YOU know that, and most

YOU know that, and most people with common sense know that. but because bisexuality is a concept that in reality is foreign to most people, the only way they can understand it is by saying, "Oh they don't really not care who they fall in love with, they're just loose."

damn morons.

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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I'm Not Bisexual, But I Play One On TV

I find that the general misperception is that bisexuals simply can't decide who they are, which seems like a silly assumption to me because one's sexual orientation is not a decision. The only decision is whether you're going to be yourself or try to be what people want you to be. Unfortunately, one of the things that reinforces this is that many gay people, especially boys, tend to claim bisexuality as kind of a safety zone until they are emotionally ready to go "all the way gay". I'm not condemning this. We all do what we can when we can, but it does contribute to the perception that bisexuals are just confused, or in denial. Here's the thing - when we evolve to the point where homosexuals are no longer feared and hated in society, it will no longer be such an issue. Then I think you'll also start to see some of the confusion about bisexuals cleared up, because there won't be so many people hiding behind this label temporarily.

Meanwhile though, the true bisexuals out there get bashed from both sides. Straights are threatened by anyone that could feel "that way" about someone of the same sex, while gays feel somehow betrayed by someone who doesn't come all the way over to their side of the fence. It's all just totally ridiculous, but then, isn't the whole idea of hating and feeling threatened by someone because of who they love ridiculous? Of course it is, yet it persists. It's up to us to do our part to change things by changing minds - one at a time.

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It also doesn't help that

It also doesn't help that once in a while it becomes a fad claiming yourself to be bisexual. It makes it harder for us to develop a "scene" like the gay scene, the lesbian scene, and the trans scene. So the farthest we get is the GLBT or Queer scene, that's not a bad thing, quite the opposite but it also breeds mistrust between isolated bisexuals and then someone new comes out as being bi, they might be posing, using it as a buffer or what have you.

I hope this made sense, it's 11:30 in at night here. I should go to bed.

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Yeah they are kinda. I never really get why.

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I think part of it is that

I think part of it is that some people assume bisexuality means you get a girlfriend and a boyfriend at the same time.

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