CAMP!?!?! Coming out!?!?! PLANES!?!?!?!

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My friend Heather and I are looking into going to camp. We live in Ontario. But there's only one GLBT camp in Canada that we can find so far and so we are looking into going to Camp Ten Trees in Seattle. Heather's parents will have no problem with it-she's been to camp (not that one but other ones) before, she's out to her parents, Other relatives are going to pay for it, she's been on an airplane alone before. Me on the toher hand my mom doesn't know I'm gay, I've never been to a residential camp before, my mom would have to pay for both the plane and the camp alone, i've never been on a plane alone before. I've asked my mom if i can go to camp she said yeh sure however she didn't know what kind or where so technicaly she now has to let me go. I know my mom won't have a problem with me being gay my sister and i are already positive she knows but i think it's just admitting it that'll be hard. And then once i do telling her it'll be a gay camp should be easy. Then theres telling ehr wwhere it is. Then there's the plane issue. I really wanna go. Luckily it is about 8 months away so i still have time but i'm still gettign nervous about how to tell her and can't stop thinking about it.


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another canadian gay camp

there's a GLBT camp in Alberta. it's called camp fyrefly. you can google it to get the official website. if you have any questions or if you need more info message me!

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It'll be fine. Yeah admitting it is hard, but if you can do it, it sounds like it'll be fine and you can go. And what's the plane issue? It sounds like your mom will pay for it

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The plane issue is that i

The plane issue is that i haven't ben on a plave since i was in grade 4 and even then it was with my parents and it was one with no stops. Now it'll be with a friend and have a layover. So it'll be interesting...