Canta per me

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The title is the name of a song that I happen to like. It's italian. I think it means "Sing for me" but I'm not sure.

I sent the e-mail.. (The one I mentioned in my last journal.) No reply yet. I don't care if I get one or not. The intention was to let her know.

Anyways, we went clothes shopping yesterday. I bought some jeans...

I'm kind of annoyed, the only wemons pants/jeans that I could find were either really low-cut, too big, or had elastic waists. After a while we gave up and headed to the boys section. Boys clothes are more comfortable... That's not fair. XD

Sora called me. We spoke for a while. It was nice. :)

What a short Journal Entry... Oh wells. You can listen to the pretty music.


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I really like the violins

I really like the violins they sound beautiful.
Hey sorry about your clothes shopping dilemma. I have the same trouble given the fact that I am bigger than most girls.

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yup yup

pretty song. btw, i speak spanish (kind of) and its very similar to italian, and im super positive that the title means "Sing For Me". thats a cool title, too. hmm, im feeling a spark of inspiration. yes.......YES.......ive got it! i will write a poem. lol.
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I hate shopping for jeans

I feel your pain!I love slouchy boy jeans

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Ugh jeans

I definitaly love this song especially the stings in the background.
And i totaly feel your pain about jeans. I'm plus sixe so i shop in special stores any way which just gives me 20x less of a selection and all i wear is jeans no skirts or shorts or anything so im constantly looking for a great pair of jeans. And in the womens they have elastic waists or flowers and crap goign up the side or like pink embrodered all over them and then there either too big or too small. I just liike ones that are big baggy loose and comfortable.