Coming out poem

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Close my eyes
Protect me from the world
Put your arms around me
Tell me it will be okay
Dry my tears
Comfort my fears
Tell me they can’t reach me here
Convince me that I’m safe
That as long as I’m happy
They don’t matter
Tell me that their rumors don’t exist
Whatever happened to blind ignorance?
Maybe I should just give them a reason
A reason to talk
A reason to know that what they say
What they say is true
I may not be like them
But that’s no reason for them to hate me
I don’t need their label
I’m not something that they
Can cram in a box and say
That they’ve put me in my place
I won’t give up
I’ll just make things difficult for them
If they can’t see it
They can’t talk
I’m not going to hide
I’ve got pride
I’ll hold my head high
I will not cry
Their words cannot hurt me
They can only set me free
Free of this lie I’ve told
A lie to protect myself and you
Could they know that what they say is true?

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I really liked this GREAT JOB!!! I love every part of it i wouldnt change a thing!!!!

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I love the flow behind

I love the flow behind this... it was so easy on my reading muscles. ((reading muscles=wtfbraindeadhere)) I also love the stubbornness... it kind of fits with the way it was written. The one place where I got tripped up in the reading was, "I may not be like them/But that’s no reason for them to hate me." I feel like there were too many syllables there. Other than that, this was really nice. Great job!

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Great Job! 99 dreams I have

Great Job!
99 dreams I have had
In every one a red balloon