Editors for the Gay Like Me Project

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Hi Guys!

I have chosen three editors to help with the Gay Like Me Project. Their job will be to help me to help you polish up your work both before and after you submit it to me.

The three people I chose are:

The Mouse that Roared

They will all be working hard along with me to help make this project a big success, but of course it really all depends on you. I urge you to pay attention to the comments you receive about the work you post, especially theirs, as they all have a good understanding of the type of thing we're trying to capture. I'll try and give as much early input as I can, and I'll certainly look at all the work once it's been submitted, but I'm relying on these three to be my extra eyes and brains (of which I need all I can get).

For the rest of you, you can all do your part in the editorial process by reading what your fellow Oasis members have written and offering good constructive criticism. While the people I've named above will have the most to say about wht goes into the final project, everyone's opinions are important and valued.

Keep up the good work everyone. I think things are off to a great start.

Hugs to all,