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[Dactylic trimeter, bitches! Awwww, yeah!]

When the night spirals our symmetry
And the stars swallow our history
Leaving us only with passions too
Bright for the night in its raven hue

We’ll leave behind our youth’s mysteries
Claim the fruit of our curves’ harmonies
Heavenly bodies torn from the sky
Our new astronomy birthed in sighs

Galaxies will fear our province bright
Blazing infinity with our light
Nebulas flashing between our hands
Shooting stars falling inside our glands

Light years will fade and dimensions tear
In the clear grasp of our holy air
Gravity will fail and bonds run free
Science in smoke and time on its knees

Matter will fail to keep us in hold
Atoms fast flying while beings fold
How we’ll evolve far beyond the cold!
Vapor on earth, but gods in our souls