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So i just had my 3rd exam today it wwasn't to hard it was music. The stupid school board decided that last year we should start having exams for music. Last year it was write an essay about what you learned. This year it was stuff i had learned about 5 yrs ago and the rest of the class learned earlier in the semester. So in other words SUPER SUPER easy.
I looked at my mark for german and i came out with 76 on my exam which brought my 98 down to a 91 which is pretty good. Especialy since i suck at languages but i love them to death.
I hate that when you love something but you stink at it. Like I love to sing but i definitaly can't sing although some people have said i can but others have said YOU SUCK! But it's still eally fun so i sing in teh car and of course in the shower.
Tomorrow i have science which i'm not look forward to. Im ok at science but would rather not have to take it. That and right now i have a massivly large horrible cold. I can't breathe because i have a stuffed nose and it hurts to breathe through my mouth. So I'm hopped up on drugs and i fall asleep everytime i try and sleep. nd all my awake time im on the internet and mostly just checking out this site.


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Oh yeah

Sounds all right. Good luck with science. I finished my exams today, thank god

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i love science, but of

i love science, but of course, i suck at it!