falling for your best friend... never good!!

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so major recap of the last month!!

my best friend informs me that she definitely isn't straight.... totally catching me off guard... that night i finally understand all the weird feelings i've been having about her lately... it all makes sense!!!

she leaves for her moms house in south carolina for two weeks. i commit to college for soccer (lewis and clark in portland... yay!!!)

she comes back and has been wanting to hang with me constantly.... i'm thinking this is a good sign.... i just feel really iffy on the whole thing right now cause she doesn't know where she stands (in terms of bi, gay... she says she's still attracted to boys... she said it was like 60/40 guys but i sensed a lie on that one...) she comes from a SUPER DUPER conservative Southern family so basically when she told her mother i was gay she about had a heartattack... she has said that she is terrified to say anything to her parents because her mom said (and in these exact words ) "you would never be allowed in my house again.... i would no longer speak to you if you ever say you are gay...." wow... i can understand why she is so scared..

so we are hanging out tonight to do government homework.... i wonder how much government will actually get done... ;) god, i am so into this girl!!


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Jeez Louise, her family IS conservative!!! Best of luck in your estrogen adventures!

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I wish you luck with the

I wish you luck with the "Homework";)

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have fun hugs, luck, and

have fun

hugs, luck, and peace

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mkay... sweet...

so she just called to cancel on my ass... ugh!! BUT we are still going to dinner tomorrow night (there is hope!!) :)