First LGBT Speakers bureau

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My favorite question we were asked: "Okay i've been wanting to ask this for a while... um like, why do you, like talk, like you do...I mean I have this girlfriend who likes girls and she talks like a dude...(different kid) You mean the accent?" It was hilarious. She was trying hard to be polite but couldn't really get the words out right. It was mainly directed to the gay guys in the group though, so I didn't respond to it.

My first panel was awesome. I spoke to a group of pregnant teenagers/teenage mothers. The people who asked us questions about what its like to be gay were awesome. They made the four of us comfortable to share our stories with them by just kidding around, and making jokes the whole time. They gave us rainbow stickers at the end :-). I'm definitely doing another one soon.


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That's Awesome! - Pat Nelson

That's Awesome!

- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay
characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"