From the mouth of an otaku.

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Well, technically, I'm typing, so... Fingers... Whatever.

Otaku basically means obsessed freak. But in the US a lot of people use it to mean somone who likes anime/manga/japanese video games. And isn't really used as an insult here as it is there.

I tried making Sushi for the first time today, the rice was easy to prepare.. I cooked rice and put some rice vinigar in it, and tossed it until it was sticky. But the sushi itself was kind of something else.

Of course, I'm vegan, so I used cucumbers and avacado.

at first it was a mess. Rice and cucumber went everywhere, but the worst of it went into my stoumach. XD Looked a mess but still tasted good. But after a while I was starting to get the hang of it. It's okay, not great. But for my first try I'm kind of proud of myself. =3

If I was really brave, I would have put wasabi into the rolls themselves. But I'm not really brave, so I didn't.

And I was looking at information on Anime Boston... And, they're going to have a formal dance! So, I'm going to try to put an Anthy coustume together. I don't know how I'm going to manage to get her accecnt to work in English though. (In the anime, she has a very thick accent, at least I think so. Not sure from where though, but her Japanese sounds different from everyone elses.)

I'm also going to sing Kareoke. But I only know a couple of songs that I'm good at singing. So I'll have to practice more. X3

Also, I'm looking to become an architect. It'd be cool. =D I want to be able to design biludings that people look at and say "wow" and stay there for a very long time. That's my goal. I also want to study at MIT, so that's more of a short-tem goal... So I'm going to be looking at a lot of books on it and stuff.

Again, sorry for not commenting on other peoples journals. I've been a lazy bum latley. X_X


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God it's been so long since

God it's been so long since I've had sushi. Now I'm jonesing! There's none to be had in this part of the state.

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