Gideon Glick Interview

By Jeff Walsh

I've already reviewed "Spring Awakening" back when I was on the east coast for the holidays. The Broadway show has really stuck with me, both the music, the story, the visuals, everything... so, I was pleased to find out that Gideon Glick, 18, whose character Ernst is seduced by another boy in the show, is openly gay and willing to chat with Oasis.

We spoke recently about the show, his thoughts on being an openly gay actor, and how his desire to see Queer as Folk brought him out of the closet in the seventh grade.

But, of course, we start off with Spring Awakening...

What a great show you ended up in there...

Yeah, it's quite fun!

Were you in it from the whole Off-Broadway production and everything?

Yeah, I got in on the Off-Broadway production. There were workshops and all beforehand, but I started Off-Broadway.

So, how long have you been in the role now?

We started rehearsing for Off-Broadway in, I think... April? Maybe March? So, almost a year now.

Did you audition for that role, or were you just auditioning in general?

I auditioned for another role and then I got far with that role but, in the end, I didn't get it. Then they did a workshop before they did Off-Broadway and they asked me to do that role, so I did and then I got it.

So what's it like doing eight shows a week? Are you having to do anything to make sure you can maintain the energy level for the show?

This is the first time I've done something where the schedule was so repetitive and stuff, and so it's quite the learning experience, actually. You just have to find something new and exciting every week, I feel like. It can get really monotonous if you... I think the trick is finding what's exciting about it and that's cool. It shifts every week, I feel. It's really a different experience.

Yeah, I stumbled on the show because I was coming back east for the holidays. My friend saw the write-up in the Advocate, and I sent an e-mail looking to review it just about a week or so before I ended up seeing it, so I feel I really lucked out. I really hit the lottery there, because some shows, well, you never know what you're in for...

I think that's why the show's exciting, given what's on Broadway right now... there's nothing really that spectacular, I feel like.

Plus, just the energy of it. I still listen to the CD now.

The music is so fun.

I tend to know more of the Moritz songs, because those tend to end up in my workout mix more than anything else. "I Believe" is great, but not as much for cardio.

Yeah, it's more the rock songs that are good for the cardio. What's cool about the show is just there are so many different elements. The direction is really good, and the lighting is absolutely spectacular. And the music is addictive.

And, as much as it's new to be connected to a role for so long, it's probably new to be connected to cast members for that long, as well. What's it like gelling with the cast for this journey?

We've got an array of different and interesting people, which I think they did purposefully. They wanted everyone to have their own identity, both with themselves and the role. So, it's a really interesting group of people. It's good. They casted it well, I think, performance-wise and personality-wise. I'm having a blast every night, you know?

And you're living in New York City with family, or are you on your own?

My brother is my roommate, but it's just me and him.

Is he an actor, as well?

He's starting out to be, I think.

I was surprised because, when I first talked to somebody regarding the show, they told me none of the young people in the show were openly gay, just Stephen Spinella and some of the behind the scenes people. But then it circled around with e-mails that I found out about you...

I don't know why they did that. Well, what happened was originally, they came up to me when we started and they asked me if I wanted to be a gay role model? You know, just talk to the press. And I felt like they wanted to capitalize on my sexuality as a way to get money, to sell tickets. And that just kind of made me uncomfortable. It's not that I'm uncomfortable with my sexuality, because I came out in the seventh grade. I've always been a very open person. It just didn't sit right with me. I felt like, had John Gallagher or Jon Groff, if they were openly gay, they wouldn't ask them to go talk about their sexuality, because that wouldn't sell... I just felt like they were trying to sell it, and that just made me uncomfortable. So, I guess, they thought I didn't want to talk about my sexuality, which I have no problem doing.

And seventh grade is when you came out, or accepted yourself?

Seventh grade is when I started telling people, when I told my family and such. But I've always known. It was never really a question. (laughs)

I mean, most of the people on our site are your age and just trying to find a boy to kiss, and you found a way to charge people $100 a seat and you get paid to be kissed by a boy.

(laughs) See, that's what happens when you come out early!

Very industrious.

Yeah, I did it just for this...

Is that a concern at all, as an actor? Do you want to be known as an openly gay actor? Is that going to affect anything?

I want to be known for my work, and I want people to respect me as an actor, first and foremost. I don't think sexuality should matter, although it doesn't bother me if people know. I don't think it's what's important, you know? In an ideal world would be just having my coming out story just be bringing my boyfriend to an opening and being photographed with him. I just feel like it shouldn't matter, and I don't think it does matter. If it does affect my career, that sucks and that's life, but I don't care about anything so much as to not be who I am and be myself.


nyctheaterfan90's picture

I am in love with Gideon Glick

I am a young gay man living in Manhattan and I see a lot of theater. I have never really been the star struck type, but when I went to see Spring Awakening I FELL IN LOVE WITH GIDEON GLICK. He is such a beautiful singer and he has such a sweet presence on stage. I think a lot of gay men feel that way when they see him. He is more than just a cute guy. He has a sincerity on stage. I couldn't stop thinking about his performance for the last few weeks. So today I googled his name and I found this interview. I was so delighted to hear he's gay. He rocks. Buy the CD and listen to his high notes on Touch Me. Angelic voice. I don't know why so many gay men idolize porn stars when they can follow and support hot young artists like Gideon Glick who have real talent.

Natalie's picture

This Interview

made me squirm with delight. Gideon Glick is not only gorgeous, but I love the way he brought his character to life! And his voice is just amazing. I love listening to him over and over again on the Spring Awakening soundtrack. He makes me wish that I was an 18 year old gay man living in New York instead of a 16 year old girl in California. Oh life is cruel.

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This interview just made my life! I LOVVVVE Gideon Glick, and he has such an amazing voice (talking and singing) and he is SO hot! and the ultimate best part is HE'S GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life could NOT get better! This was the best thing i have ever read in my life.

Maurice B.'s picture

Great Performer

I just saw Spring Awakening. It was phenominal. Both Gideon Glick and Jonathan Wright are more than just attractive people, they are outstanding actors and entertainers. The casting for this show couldn't have been done more accurately. Gideon Glick posesses a genuine touch over his character, Ernst. I don't know him personally, but his honesty and sincerety shines through his character.

I was a big fan of the music before I ever saw the show. Initially, I thought Jonathan Groff and John Gallagher, Jr. were the leads, and that they would be the best in the show. Once I saw the show, I realized that no one was better than anyone else. The cast was such an ensemble. They moved on one accord, in perfect unison. That's why the show moved so smoothly. There were no dull or boring scenes. These actors and actresses have created something on broadway that cannot be replicated. Gideon Glick plays a large part in this. Gideon, along with the entire cast, directors, and producers, will be remembered forever as people who changed broadway forever.

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Speech and debate

This is a very sincere actor with great stage presence. Even though I'm straight, I can feel what energy and sex appeal he has. Absolutely recommend you watching "Speech and Debate" in Roundabout Theatre.

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Gideon Glick=<333

Gideon Glick is my favorite person ever!! I love his talking voice, his singing voice, his moles, his body, his name, his face, his junk, his...everything! And I am so glad that he is OUT AND PROUD!!! He was so good in Spring Awakening and now I cant wait to see him in Speech and Debate!