Gideon Glick Interview

And we were able to reach you through Larry Gross, who I've known and known about for years now...

Well, Larry's just been a very important man in my life. He's one of my mom's best friends. When I was younger, I tried to watch Queer as Folk, because it had all the array of gayness in it. Actually, my coming out process was kind of telling my mom I wanted to watch Queer as Folk, because we didn't have Showtime. So, she had to ask Larry for Queer as Folk, and she was like 'Why do you want to watch it?' So, the only reason I came out to her was so I could watch Queer as Folk (laughs). That's a funny story.

And you'd watch it with your mom?

In the beginning, but then I think she started getting uncomfortable, and I refused to stop watching it, because I was living my young middle school life vicariously through Queer as Folk on Showtime.

So when Randy Harrison comes to see Spring Awakening, you're going to be a bit distracted onstage?

Not really. I was young when I liked it. It's not a very good show. I just wanted to see it.

What is it like when you have... I know Rosie O'Donnell's been going crazy for the show, and you'll be performing on The View in February. Does any of that element affect you, when you see Rosie and these different celebrities out in the audience?

I don't think it does affect anything with me. It shouldn't. It doesn't really matter, we're all just people. I clearly wanted Rosie O'Donnell to like it because we want to get as many people in, and can really do wonders advertising the show. But would that affect my performance? No. It shouldn't and I wouldn't want it to. I don't think it does.

You've done it enough at this point that you've got your...

Yeah, it's routine now.

And you said you knew you were gay when you were how old?

I started realizing that I liked boys in second grade, but I never said, 'Oh, that means I'm gay.' I didn't really know what gay or straight was in second grade. I just knew I always liked boys. It was never a question.

And were you always involved in the theater?

Yeah, I started singing when I was really young. As a result, I wanted to sing in front of people, so I got into theater and got hit with the acting bug and started acting as well. So, now, it's the best of both worlds.

I'm not sure where in the process of setting this up that I realized you were only 18, and I was like "18?! Are you kidding me? 18 and he's on Broadway?" I mean, I've known people who have been child actors and are still going, and older people who are doing it, but that just seems a perfect time to get that break.

I feel like, for the longevity of things, it's cool that it's happening now, rather than being called a child actor, you know what I mean? But I got my first movie... well, my only movie, when I was 16, and I just started this when I was 17. I'm very happy with how things have been thus far. I'm pleased with the progress.

I didn't see "One Last Thing," is that something you tell people to check out or avoid?

No, it's a wonderful message about death and accepting death. It's about this kid who's terminally ill with cancer and I think it was directed and handled very maturely. It has a really pretty message, a really good message, which is why I think people should go see the movie. I'm proud of it.

And you play "Slap" in the movie. Now, are you a stoner in the movie?

I'm kind of a stoner. The stoner best friend. You know, that whole shtick. (laughs)

Because I saw a still from the movie online and there was this huge bong, so...


Yeah, one of the photos had three young guys in the shot, and a big bong in the middle.

We say we'll clean the bong, because this kid, his final wish, which he did through the Make-A-Wish Foundation was to spend a weekend with this famous model, saying he wanted to have sex with her, and then they freaked out and wouldn't do it. So, we decided collectively to get the money and we offered to clean someone's bong, something like that, to get money so he could go to New York and get laid (laughs). It's a heartwarming story.

(Picture on this page: Rosie O'Donnell meets the cast backstage after the show)


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I am in love with Gideon Glick

I am a young gay man living in Manhattan and I see a lot of theater. I have never really been the star struck type, but when I went to see Spring Awakening I FELL IN LOVE WITH GIDEON GLICK. He is such a beautiful singer and he has such a sweet presence on stage. I think a lot of gay men feel that way when they see him. He is more than just a cute guy. He has a sincerity on stage. I couldn't stop thinking about his performance for the last few weeks. So today I googled his name and I found this interview. I was so delighted to hear he's gay. He rocks. Buy the CD and listen to his high notes on Touch Me. Angelic voice. I don't know why so many gay men idolize porn stars when they can follow and support hot young artists like Gideon Glick who have real talent.

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This Interview

made me squirm with delight. Gideon Glick is not only gorgeous, but I love the way he brought his character to life! And his voice is just amazing. I love listening to him over and over again on the Spring Awakening soundtrack. He makes me wish that I was an 18 year old gay man living in New York instead of a 16 year old girl in California. Oh life is cruel.

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This interview just made my life! I LOVVVVE Gideon Glick, and he has such an amazing voice (talking and singing) and he is SO hot! and the ultimate best part is HE'S GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life could NOT get better! This was the best thing i have ever read in my life.

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Great Performer

I just saw Spring Awakening. It was phenominal. Both Gideon Glick and Jonathan Wright are more than just attractive people, they are outstanding actors and entertainers. The casting for this show couldn't have been done more accurately. Gideon Glick posesses a genuine touch over his character, Ernst. I don't know him personally, but his honesty and sincerety shines through his character.

I was a big fan of the music before I ever saw the show. Initially, I thought Jonathan Groff and John Gallagher, Jr. were the leads, and that they would be the best in the show. Once I saw the show, I realized that no one was better than anyone else. The cast was such an ensemble. They moved on one accord, in perfect unison. That's why the show moved so smoothly. There were no dull or boring scenes. These actors and actresses have created something on broadway that cannot be replicated. Gideon Glick plays a large part in this. Gideon, along with the entire cast, directors, and producers, will be remembered forever as people who changed broadway forever.

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Speech and debate

This is a very sincere actor with great stage presence. Even though I'm straight, I can feel what energy and sex appeal he has. Absolutely recommend you watching "Speech and Debate" in Roundabout Theatre.

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Gideon Glick=<333

Gideon Glick is my favorite person ever!! I love his talking voice, his singing voice, his moles, his body, his name, his face, his junk, his...everything! And I am so glad that he is OUT AND PROUD!!! He was so good in Spring Awakening and now I cant wait to see him in Speech and Debate!