Gideon Glick Interview

We have a lot of users on the site who say they want to get into acting and theater, which I've never figured out. I guess it's a form of procrastination, but how did you get started?

I started doing regional theater in Philadelphia when I was 11, so it was good practice for what was to come.

I guess a lot of people think you have to go to New York or L.A.

You have to start somewhere. You have to know what to do and know how to audition before you start really really doing it. That's just the way to do it, I think.

What's your favorite part of the show? Any moment where you never have to worry about being present?

I love the songs. I think performing the songs is my favorite part of the show. The harmonies are cool and I like how they're all ensemble-oriented, so we're all friends and we're all just singing together every night. It's a cool vibe. I really dig it. Everything's really cool, but I love "The Mirror-Blue Night," just with the set and the lights and the performance, and the song is really neat. And I love "Touch Me." I think "Touch Me" is really stunning. The music and the harmonies are absolutely beautiful.

I think (composer) Duncan (Sheik) says that's his favorite song in the show.

Yeah, I think it is. I think he said that at the Virgin store (where the cast did a CD signing and performance).

So, do you have your version of the Rentheads, the people who have seen the show over and over?

Yeah... there's quite the familiar faces, because we also have people onstage with us, and those are the cheap seats, so the people that come back tend to gravitate toward them. So, you can totally identify a face that's sitting there, because they come back all the time and you start to know them. There's quite a lot of people who do that.

That's actually one of the criteria I was trying to use when I picked what shows to review for the site, because it's a site for youth, so I can't sell them on a lot of $110 shows.

Yeah, that's why it's good to have seats that are accessible. And I think there are even student rush seats that aren't onstage, but are cheaper. I feel like this is a perfect show for youth, not especially gay youth, but gay youth have something they can respond to. Because what happens in the show happens to everyone. It's just about being a teenager and experiencing things. I think all teenagers should see this show. I think the show is very accessible for whoever you are and whatever age you are. Except maybe if you're like 10.

I mean, everyone talks about there being nudity, but it's not over the top.

It's not vulgar. It's not in your face. I think it's handled delicately.

And, not because of the nudity, but that was my favorite moment of the show. I just thought that was when it all fused together for me.

Oh, I agree.

When you're all just gently rocking that stage and singing "I Believe," that was the transcendent moment of the show for me.

I was out of the show like a month and a half ago, and I got to see it because ... I wasn't sick, I just couldn't do the show that day. And I finally got to see it, and I got goosebumps during the sex scene because it's really intense. And it's such a collective experience, which is really cool and I got goosebumps and my mouth was open. And once it was over, I was like, 'Oh my God!' It just made me very appreciative that I'm in the show. It reinvigorated my passion for it. When I came home, I called everyone and was like, 'That scene is so good.' It was just so good!

That was when it all... like, sometimes, it did seem there was an odd imbalance between the 1891 text and the modern rock songs. Collectively, I think it does build to something greater than both of those things. But, from the beginning, it's like 'What? He's pulling a microphone out of his schoolboy uniform?!' What's going on?

A lot of people have said that, too.


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I am in love with Gideon Glick

I am a young gay man living in Manhattan and I see a lot of theater. I have never really been the star struck type, but when I went to see Spring Awakening I FELL IN LOVE WITH GIDEON GLICK. He is such a beautiful singer and he has such a sweet presence on stage. I think a lot of gay men feel that way when they see him. He is more than just a cute guy. He has a sincerity on stage. I couldn't stop thinking about his performance for the last few weeks. So today I googled his name and I found this interview. I was so delighted to hear he's gay. He rocks. Buy the CD and listen to his high notes on Touch Me. Angelic voice. I don't know why so many gay men idolize porn stars when they can follow and support hot young artists like Gideon Glick who have real talent.

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This Interview

made me squirm with delight. Gideon Glick is not only gorgeous, but I love the way he brought his character to life! And his voice is just amazing. I love listening to him over and over again on the Spring Awakening soundtrack. He makes me wish that I was an 18 year old gay man living in New York instead of a 16 year old girl in California. Oh life is cruel.

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This interview just made my life! I LOVVVVE Gideon Glick, and he has such an amazing voice (talking and singing) and he is SO hot! and the ultimate best part is HE'S GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life could NOT get better! This was the best thing i have ever read in my life.

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Great Performer

I just saw Spring Awakening. It was phenominal. Both Gideon Glick and Jonathan Wright are more than just attractive people, they are outstanding actors and entertainers. The casting for this show couldn't have been done more accurately. Gideon Glick posesses a genuine touch over his character, Ernst. I don't know him personally, but his honesty and sincerety shines through his character.

I was a big fan of the music before I ever saw the show. Initially, I thought Jonathan Groff and John Gallagher, Jr. were the leads, and that they would be the best in the show. Once I saw the show, I realized that no one was better than anyone else. The cast was such an ensemble. They moved on one accord, in perfect unison. That's why the show moved so smoothly. There were no dull or boring scenes. These actors and actresses have created something on broadway that cannot be replicated. Gideon Glick plays a large part in this. Gideon, along with the entire cast, directors, and producers, will be remembered forever as people who changed broadway forever.

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Speech and debate

This is a very sincere actor with great stage presence. Even though I'm straight, I can feel what energy and sex appeal he has. Absolutely recommend you watching "Speech and Debate" in Roundabout Theatre.

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Gideon Glick=<333

Gideon Glick is my favorite person ever!! I love his talking voice, his singing voice, his moles, his body, his name, his face, his junk, his...everything! And I am so glad that he is OUT AND PROUD!!! He was so good in Spring Awakening and now I cant wait to see him in Speech and Debate!