Girls- Dating ArGH

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I'm getting frusteratd i don't have a girlfriend and i've never had one. I know i know i'm still young hteres time but i've never had anyoen not even a single date and by now most of my friends have at least had a date or someone interested in them. I'm just gettign lonely and argh. I should be patient but it just gets frusterating once and awhile. Now is one of those time's because all my friends are complaing about their significant others or lack there of and then theres me who has never had anyone interested in me and have never had any one in my life. But for some reason they all come to me for advice.
I'm just really frusterated right now.


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definitely aren't alone

definitely aren't alone there. I'm in the same position now. I've only had two people (tell me) that they liked me at some point, but I don't think that really counts since it didn't seem like anything really notable.

Hang in there--eventually some great girl will come your way


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There is more than love in

There is more than love in life that matters. Always remember that a friend you can cuddle and talk to is a million times than a girlfriend who gives you issues.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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i'm in your position too,

i'm in your position too, but i kinda second whateversexual_llama. i mean i'd love to have a girl friend, but i'd rather have friends who are fun and accepting. though it is really frusterating.

hugs, luck, and peace

and none has conquered but love
a girl's glance working the will of heaven
pleasure to her alone who mocks us
merciless aphrodite
- anitgone, ode III

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I'm in a similar

I'm in a similar situation...and I have to agree. It sucks. And the fact that we're still young, blah blah blah, doesn't make it any less sucky. So. You have my sympathy... :)

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Thanks for the sympathy and i give mine right back to you!

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I've always felt that until you don't need a partner, you're not ready for one; and that most people use their criteria of what they are looking for as a way to project what they want to fix/wish they did themselves. That's certainly been true for me.

But then, I eventually realized, the kind of guy i described wouldn't want the kind of guy I am, sitting around and waiting for him to show up. I need to be 100 percent feature complete without him, and the same for him. Relationships aren't two halves finding each other, but two wholes building something even bigger.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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