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Now if I wasn't so mentally challenged you would be seeing a picture of it below, but at the moment I'm stupid and can't figure how to upload a pic on the regular web page not the avatar. If anyone knows how to please comment below and help me out. In words I can describe it as shorter, less emo, and out of my eyes so I can actually see again/

In other news midterms are in less then a week. I personally am nervous because I'm a freshman and have never taken them before. But I think I'll do okay. I have to get A's in all of them though in order to keep up my A average. So I've been doing a lot of studying lately.

I think I'll go to the GLBT group thing this friday. I haven't been there in weeks. I wonder if they remember me?


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this is how ya do it

this is how ya do it chief:

obviously, put the URL of your pic in the quotations...

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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Nice hair! I like it, but I

Nice hair! I like it, but I still can't see your eyes lol. Did you get your hair colored!? In the pic it looks a bit bronzy-red on top, or it may just be the light? :p

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