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I AM POOPED lol...

okie i was supposed to go to the doctors today but i ended up not going because it was at 10 and me and my friend were still waiting at the bus stop for the bus at 9:30 and by the time we'd get down from where i met her it would take us more than an hour to get to where the doctors was and i called to see if i could go in later but they didn't have any openings, so instead we had a....HANGOUT DAY :)

lol i know sounds weird but she's been wanting a hangout day with me ever since the break started and i worked too much during christmas and before new years so i couldn't get out...but today we got a hangout day and it was super fun. i actually bought clothes, a late christmas gift (tshirt), and a birthday gift for my lil cuzin (high school musical remix dvd)...i had fun but now my body is sore and i am practically broke lol.

i spent about $140 today and i have to save the $70 i have now to pay for my doctor visit next week (im gonna reschedule)...sigh i'm tired lol but today was i'm not complaining :)


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Oh High School Musical, such

Oh High School Musical, such a cheesy, not so funny, yet satisfying movie.
My favorite singalong was the cafeteria one (sick to the starus quo) where it then turns into a dance musical. ahaha, Creme Brulee, oh Zeke you can't bake silly!

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