Help Me Get My Book Into Your School or Public Library!

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Hi All!

I was trying last night to think of some way to make it easy for you to suggest Orphan's Quest to your local school or public library. I decided to offer a special edition of the book at a special price just for libraries. It's a casewrapped hardcover edition (no dust jacket), and I'm already set up and ready to fill orders. To make it easier for you to bring it to the attention of your local librarians, I made up a neat little flyer that has an order form right down on the bottom. You can print this flyer yourself right on your own computer (or one at your school) by going to and following the instructions for Option 2.

I hope you guys will help me out by printing out and passing this flyer along to all the librarians in your area (or mailing it to them if you prefer). I realize that this won't result in an explosion of new book sales from the general public, but it will, I hope, help to increase my readership considerably. Plus, the more books with GLBT content that get into our libraries the better, don't you think?

Thanks in advance for your help, guys! Big hugs to you all.

Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian
characters to Sci Fi & Fantasy"