Her grandpa tore her out of my arms, but not out of my heart

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I can't handle this anymore. Her grandpa said she can't have any friends older than sophmore. I am a Junior, younger than a lot of sophmores. The only reason he said that, it's the only thing he can get me on. I think she should just tell him that we are in love, we are together, and he can't stop it, but she's too scared. I'll admit, i'm scared to, but more scared of her grandpa now than ever could happen. We hung out yesterday, and her grandpa found out, he said she was dead. Now i can't even call her, i am so scared of him. I don't know what to do, we love eachother so much, and we need some help from someone, i was thinking the guidance counselor. I can't handle this. I have been crying, but i can't cry with her, I need her, i need her in my arms, i love her soooooooooo much. I hate her grandpa though, he hates me. He liked me at first, but now that he thinks he knows about me and his grand daughter, he hates me, i don't know, i hate this soooo much, it was fun, until we got caught. HELP!!!!!


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awwww hun i'm sorry...thats

awwww hun i'm sorry...thats the worse feeling in the world, i know how you feel 'cause my auntie did that to me but i didn't care and still saw my gf....i just learned how to hide it better...a love like that cannot be broken, it'll get stronger and i hope both of you get through this and can live happily.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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I agree with what 808Chik

I agree with what 808Chik said. It should get easier in the long run. Like she said, "a love like that cannot be broken."