Hey! I'm Straight!

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Haha, not really. as if i ever could be. i just wanted to grab your attention.

had a stupid Biology SOL today. it was hard as crap. that's probably because i didn't study for it, but hey. i'm a retard, i know. but thos damn questions were so hard! and their wording was all weird. i hate tests like that!

the only good part was that i got to sit in a group with my crush and talk and mess around with her. she's entering a local beauty pageant (don't ask me why, she's just....strange like that) and we were all trying to help her figure out a monologue for her. it has to be funny and it has to be a famous character. i dunno....

i've got my audition for Governor's School tomorrow, so...wish me luck!

also, i have to. i'm compelled to for the poor people who've never seen this gorgeous woman:

call me obsessed, but dammit she's hot....


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OMFG you're right..SHE IS

OMFG you're right..SHE IS HOT...What's her name? :P


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that would be billie piper

that would be billie piper off of Doctor Who.

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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She's very sexy I love that

She's very sexy I love that show except that guy that they replaced was so much better than this guy. I like her character Rose so cute.

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