I Chickened Out....

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She was right there...at the end of the hall on Monday at dismissal, talking to another teacher. I could have told her. I could've effing told her!

My therapist is telling me that she probably would've took it the wrong way, if I told her.

But, standing there, in line for the vending machine...I was battling with myself whether to tell her or not. Then, I grabbed my Eatmore and headed out the door. Every step that I took, I was tempted to turn around so I could go back and tell her. But, I walked away. I walked away, never giving her the chance of what it felt like to be complimented. I walked away that day, knowing she would go through her surgery without the knowledge of knowing that someone (other than who she may admire or love) thought she was beautiful. Jesus. This is tough...

See youz.



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I don't think I would've been able to go up to her. I don't think many people would've, actually. So you aren't alone.


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