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*song playing: "how long" by monica*

yup. i was waiting at the bus stop for the bus and this filipino man (bout 40 yrs old) came up to me and this was our little convo;

him: "are you filipino? are you ilocano, tagalog, or visayan?"
me: "yeah i am but i don't speak"
him: "oh you don't speak ok"
him: "you know i fell in love with you when i first saw you"
me: "uh ok"
him: "i don't do thinks like this, but it's true. i fell in love with you, you're beautiful"
me: "ah ok"
him: "i don't usually say my feelings but i wanted to tell you my feelings"
me: "ok"
him: (looks me up and down & looks at the traffic light)
him: "is that your bus?"
me: (look at the light) "yeah"
him: "oh ok bye"
(bus comes up)
me: "bye"

then i leave. but i was like "OMG" that was a very weird experience 'caus ei felt like every time he looked me up and down that he was gonna decide to like, kidnap me or something like that. *shivers* haha


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What a sweet, demented man

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hahahha thats so weird

hahahha thats so weird =P

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That sounds so creepy.

That sounds so creepy. *shivers*

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-blinks-.......one word.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-runs down the street screaming- hehe

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sounds like an odd experience

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the whole he's insanely older than you is kinda yuck. And the being a guy part... ew.

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