I got kicked out!

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Thursday December 14
I got kicked out, Tuesday night. Long story but everything's normal now. (In short, I'll be honest- I went home high. Last time I smoked was in June and then again that night. My mom kicked me out because she said she couldn't sleep knowing I was high AND "like that"... I never told her what I actually am... I assume she thinks I'm a lesbian but honestly, I can't say that. I would say at this point that I'm bi.) Anyhow, I'm back home. But the good thing was that I got to see *! After school we met up and went to San Antonio. I dropped her off at work and waited for her to get out. It was really boring waiting but it was worth the wait. All I did when I waited was sleep, take a shower, and worry about my parents! I got to spend the night with her, the whole night! It was awesome. Now I feel even more that I did before that she truly cares. It'll probably be hard tellin her parents but I can't wait!- even though it'll be hell for a while. I really think things will work and last night made me realize how much I really do love her. I can't explain it. Cliche huh. But really. We have the same sense of humor I guess. She makes me laugh. I like her personality. I like everything about her.