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ah i'm listening to "Everytime We Touch"; Cascada...its the slow version. It has so much memories with it...it just makes me wanna cry, but you know how you hate something but you can't turn it off? yeah its like that...and it sucks.

well i'm talking to my ex right now and it was so funny 'cause one of my friends from elem. was with her and she did know that i was talking to her, so she comes on the phone and says hi and i say hi too...then she's like "oOo your voice is sexy" lol...that was hilarious XD haha.

blah...i'm bored. i kinda don't really like talking to her 'cause it makes me feel like...weird. i think...NO I KNOW...that she likes me still & its weird. sigh then now she's like "i'm confused about someone" UGHHHHHHHHH FUCKING SHOOT ME NOW!!

(oh btw...this is the ex that i slept with on that weekend...that i made clear that i did not have feelings for and i told that i did not want any relationships at all)


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I hate it too...

ur not the only one.

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Is it just me or does

Is it just me or does Cascada seem to be the makers of songs linked with love troubles. I hate, Miracle... during one anime club we were doing Kareoke, and I sang it and that was when everyone decided that it was their mission to hook me up... I have been suffering blind dates ever since.

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aww, i love that song. i

aww, i love that song. i think its that song.. it has good memories, fun mmores.

oh well.

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*sniff sniff*

:'-( im sorry honey.

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