I Love Him But Can I Really Cross That Line? Crossing that line, between friendship and love!

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Crossing that line, between friendship and love

That is What i am trouble with , you see i am love with my best friend. I love him with all my heart and it hurts that i will never be able to be with him, like i desire because we are "friends" thats all we can be. I want to tell him, so he can know how i feel about him. Hopefully he would return my feelings which i know won't happen. .....umm i don't know what to do more. it hurts to see him with other boys not me, he is everything to me, he knows me inside/outside, knows my fears, dreams, and goals, and i know him inside/outside. when i am sad he comes comforts me, when i am lonely he is there for him. i ask myslef why can't i be his boyfriend not his best friend. He is perfect for me. i love him with all heart, and i HATE that and i HATE myself for thinking about him like that.

1. so i ask can i really cross that line, between friendship and love?

2. Is it better to be friend, know he is there for me and never tell him how i feel?
tell him and lose him as best friend forever?

3. Is it really worth the risk?

Like the saying goes
" It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all."

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1. The real question is: can he? Only works if it's mutual, and you'er by far the willing party here.

2. If you tell him and lose him as a best friend forever, he wasn't your best friend. If you can only maintain the relationship by lying to him, it isn't a strong relationship. I always prefer to lead them close to thr truth, but not say it specifically, like, first, tell him you're gay/bi, then after he adjusts to that, say it sucks because you can't find people to date, and then joke, you wish you could find a gay version of him, or somesuch. That way, you basically gave him a green light, but by making it hypothetical, it is less dramatic.

3. Everything important in life has risk. A life without risk is boring. But manage your risk as best you can.

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Hard to say. Although overall I would say its more risky too loose the chance to love him, than to be friends with him

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"