I Need Some...idk

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haha sorrie...well i needed to do something to get myself up and in a weird way it kinda worked lol. yeah i'm weird sorrie...idk i'm just so out of it this NEW year, you know i thought that this was gonna be a good year and a lot of things will change but now i have the feeling that it'll be the same as last year...very mucho the same, which sucks 'cause last year wasn't a very good year...but i should stop thinking like this 'cause it's only the 2nd god damn day and the whole year is just full of unexpected surprises. sigh i'm still in a funky mood because if my hangover.

when we went around the island yesterday, my dad stopped at this place in Laie that he fishes at and OMG the place is BEAUTIFUL!!!
idk if it's just me...but i love the ocean and the cliffs and stuff lol. yeah it reminded me of a pier but it was all cliffs there's like an island, a small one, just about a swim awy and it looks really cool. i just love nature lol, anything that involves the ocean immediately catches my eye...i love it. my cousin and i walked to the end of the cliff and i yelled lol...yeah i yelled. it felt like something in the movies, you know when they have the wind in their hair and all of a sudden they yell at the top of their lungs and then say "that was the best thing ever"?...lol ok maybe idk what the hell i'm talking about but it was interesting haha.

blah i wish i could take a drive and have some time alone by myself...god i've been thinking a lot but i need to do it by myself and not when theres people around bothering me about it...this year is bringing a lot of things...i'm gonna turn 17, i'm gonna be a senior...so much to do and then i grad next year OMG. i've been waiting for this time for so long and now i feel so...lost.

ah...sigh...hopefully i find some time to go relax somewhere before school starts. well now my friends i'm gonna have to get ready for work...the one place i actually feel okay at but it sucks 'cause i still feel like shit lol. okies i'll probably be on for awhile but then imma leave for work and then i'll be back on again when i get home :)

take cares everyone!!


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u seem really hyper not that thats a bad thing just saying

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i know what you need: some lovin'! ****HUGS AND KISSES**** anyway, like you said, its only the second day of the new year. so give it a little time to take effect, k?

"This life is yours."