I think I might have just asked her out

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I called my crush's house last night and asked her out to a movie. She wasn't there, so I had to give her dad a message. Now, I possibly have a movie date with her, if she calls me back and tells me she wants to go. Does asking someone to a movie count as a date if the person you're going to it with doesn't know you like them a lot?

I was ecstatic about this last night. I think know I must have majorly annoyed my younger sister. We share a room, so she was forced to listen to my bragging about how I "asked my crush out". Poor kid. I feel sorry for her.

Today, I've been sitting by the phone and waiting for her to call me. WHEN IS HER DAD GOING TO GIVE HER THE MESSAGE?? I think I'm going insane here. No, wait, never mind. I think that might have already happened years ago.

On a different topic, I think my family is actually accepting my gayness now. At dinner last night, my family and I were playing this game called "I See Something On the Table". It's this family tradition on my dad's side. Whenever we play, we have to pick something on the table and say, "I see something on the table that begins with the letter...(insert letter here)", and everybody else has to guess what it is. My dad picked the letter L, and we were all having a hard time guessing what it is. Suddenly, my dad joked, "Hey, we could put Utter_Insanity on the table and say that the L word is lesbian!" Everybody laughed, including me.

Plus, when my family was at Target a few days ago, my mother bought me a copy of the movie Imagine Me & You. If my younger sister hadn't told my mom that I wanted to buy the movie for me, I never would have gotten the guts to ask her myself.

Basically, the three majorly important life lessons I learned from that experience are:
1) My mom is much more accepting of me than I thought she was.
2) If I see a gay movie in the store that I want, I can ask my mom about it without fear of being asked embarrassing questions, like I thought she might. ("Is there nudity in it?")
3) My younger sister is actually good for something.

Basically, I'm feeling great! Woo-hoo! (Except for the fact that my crush hasn't called me back yet.)


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Yay! Good luck with the crush!

PS. Is she queer?

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I'm not sure, but I'd like

I'm not sure, but I'd like to find out. ;)

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Awww, that's really sweet...I'm mondo happy for ya, gal! I hope your crush is thinking yes yes yes!

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sounds like its all good!Hope things go well withyour crush.imagine me and you is such a great film too.

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extra luck with the crush,

extra luck with the crush, even if she doesn't know its a date, you can still have fun and gloat about your utter gutsyness

i want to see imagine you and me really bady, i'll have to get it when i go to blockbuster next time. i kinda love my blockbuster, it has a pride section, which can be kinda embarrasing bc i have to rile through sketchy sex movies but is overall awesome.

wow, i must be in a babbling mood tonight, congrats with the family.

hugs, luck, and peace

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