If forever only lasted one evening.

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I suppose alot of you never knew me, and the ones who do, probably aren't here, or don't remember me.

But I needed to come back, to a familiar place, a place that cared. To blog, since the place I had been blogging on, is not safe for such times. Not safe for people to read. For people I've hurt, for people who have hurt me.

I don't feel 'safe' in a place where people I know can read, can see, and hear.

So here, is where I shall write, again.

I'm not sure of the exact date, or even time, I posted a journal entry here on Oasis. But It was alteast, a long time ago, probably august, or september.

I'm not sure where I left off, I believe it was probably about that asshole crazy guy. Who, was awsome, but Uh, he was also a psychopath. I have a 2 yr restraining order on him, and he plead guilty to harrassment (which, should have been, sexual harrassment) .

I probably talked about the fact that I broke it off with my boyfriend, and then I probably didn't talk about the fact that I got back together with him. ( Really, stupid, Really stupid).

Well I recently, broke it off with him, for good. Basically, I convinced him to break it off with me. It worked. We are finally actually OVER.

I go to an online school. Which is neat. This kid, came up here for his birthday to see me. He tried to get in my pants, I wouldn't have any of it.

I'm so tired, of how i've been treated lately. It's so old, so dreary. I wish I just didn't even have the faintest smidgen of attraction to boys, ever.

I only say i'm bisexual now, because I think it is possible some guy 'could' court me into perhaps liking him. But right now, I think i'm going to tell anyone who matters, I'm a lesbian. Because everything from having a father who can't get a job, to the crazy pedophile boss I had, to my ex boyfriend(s) and that kid. Makes me think so.

I've always liked girls, I like thme more than guys. I'm always friends with guys, but then they want more than that. I have the same kind of dodgy interaction with other females that males do. If only I had a penis.


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I remember you! :) hmm I can't think of anything else to say!Anyways thought i'd say hi since I read your entry!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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I remember you too! I always

I remember you too! I always thought that turtle in your avator was a ladybug heh.

Its sounds like you've had some bad run-ins hey? Hopefully the people you meet start getting better!