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Okay, so yesterday Sora came over... Not really news since she does that every Saturday. And she slept over, also not really news.

If you're wondering why she always comes here and I never really stay at her place it's because she has like, 6 siblings. Even though half of the time they're out during the weekends... Which is another reason, her parents... (For obvious reasons of obvious-ness) Rather have her stay here with parents home than me being over there without parents home... Duh.

But yesterday Sora convinced her sister, (Namine, again.) to sleep over. I said it was okay because she's my friend too. But my talking-time with Sora has been delayed.

It can't be delayed forever though. I WILL have a good talk with her by the weekend before Valentines day. (The weekend after I'm going to a convention. Mostly because a good friend of mine will be there. And my cousins will be here too. So it's going to be hectic.)

Speaking of Febuary Vacation. Sora says she wants to spend as much of it as possible here. And she was kind of annoyed when I said that the boys would be here. She said some random junk, inconspicously threw something about wanting to make out with me in there, and said some more random blabber. She said it in her sisters (who wasn't paying attetion.) presence so I can't be sure if she was serious or not. XD

Also, yesterday Sora like, hid in a room. (Can't remember why... I think she was hiding from my dad..) And Namine called her "gay" and I asked her what that has to do with anything. And she said that Sora wants me. I was sort of like "..." because I couldn't think of any better way to react to that.

Also, things are getting better between Sora and I. Not that they were bad... But there was this whole unmentioned-physical-space-tension-thing going on... It's was kind of really annoying. But she's noticed too, though she hasn't said anything... I can tell. So we're both making a shy little effort to get rid of that. XD

She dosen't act it, but she's just as shy about this as I am. But I'm not worried about it. Since we're both trying to get over it...

For those of you who are totally lost... Sora is my bestest friend of two years... During the summer of 2006 I fell in love with her. After my mom left at the end of summer I decided I wanted to tell her how I feel. Took me until November 10 to actually do it. What I did was write her an e-mail and then make her look at it on my computer. While I was in the other room shaking because I'm too much of a coward to stay in the room. And she came in and hugged me and nobody said anything about it, and we watched some videos on youtube together.. And then she told me to leave the room and she wrote a second e-mail response to me. The first one said she wouldn't be my girlfriend and the second one said she would if she could go out with boys too. A few weeks later I told her that I didn't want her to go out with boys and she said ok (it was the "I've already decided that I wouldn't do that anyways." kind of ok). And since then things have been sort of akward between us...

We haven't really spoken much about it since. Sometimes she says something really unexpected. And catches me off gaurd. She does stuff like that. I can never tell when she's joking or not, except she makes it really clear when she wants something...

...It's really cute.

*thinks for a moment.* A lot of things about her are cute... Even the the things that aren't cute...

I miss the summer. I got to spend every day with her...

Sometimes I'd walk by outside while she was playing baseball with her brother and some kids that live across the street from her.

She'd start talking to me. And her brother would get mad because she'd start talking with me and not paying attetion. XD

She always did stuff like that...

Even before we were "Sora" and "Riku" (The almost gay couple in Kingdom Hearts. (Close enough I say.)) She'd go around saying that we're "engaged" and stuff.

And there was this one time, when her sister was saying how she thought some girl might be gay because of various signs. (Like not scooting away a little when someone sits to close, and things like that.) (This is the sister that loves gay people but is striaght herself.) And Sora came and sat next to me and clung to me. As if to tell me without saying anything. XD

I think that's around the same time that her sister caught on too.

She has some suspicon, I don't know how much. But since I came out to her she's asked Sora twice if she was gay (and this is just in my pressence.) and then said "oh, because you're always going to Rikus place so..."

Was kind of akward...

But I've had worse.

I'm done blabbing now. I can't think of anything else to write.



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omg i like live kingdom hearts, its liek the best game ever, sorry that was random i know. i play it like all teh time:)