Internet safety

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Is sending a private message on Oasismag more, less, or equally safe than sending an e-mail?

With safe I mean that other people than the one to whom the message is sent cannot access it.

And how likely is it that some computer expert can read my e-mails or private messages (without my knowledge)?


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I don't know

I don't know. But who exactly is trying to read your email, or is it just general internet safety you're worried about?
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just general

just general. There was something which made me think about this. Maybe I got paranoid. But then probably a lot is possible technically, and ... who knows. It might be handy to know about this at some situation in the future. Who knows.

just if there is anyone here who knows a bit more about that, I'd really like to know.

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well. your oasis stuff is behind the oasis login.

it's also all on the site. Never being transferred between other servers.

E-mail is not secure at all, seeing as it's essentially like sending a post card via the normal mail.

You need to use encryption to get any kind of safety in emails.

I still think the interface of something like gmail is much better than the oasis interface, so it really depends on what you prefer.
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