It's official again

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Mon. December 18th, 06
I really like some of our late night talks. Like last night I aid something that got her in a bad mood so the mood was off for a while but it got better, thank goodness! I hate leaving things on a bad note with her because then that's all I can think about all day.
We were talking about getting back together. and then she asked. It was really nice. I've been acting like I'm with her but now it's official again. March 22nd-June/Julyish and now again Dec. 18-???. This time it's supposed to be final in her words. FINAL. That's a big commitment but I like it.
I do want it to be final too. I don't want to put all this effort into our relationship just to see it fade. People change but I am hoping we change together. It would be awesome to look back in say 4 years, reading this, and be able to say, "We're still together." She thinks I think she doesn't care but I know she does and I really realized it Wednesday night. Who knew getting kicked out would turn out so well? We layed there and I looked up at her and she was looking at me, smiling. She looked really happy. She looked like she cared. That was probably the best moment of the night because it was just like "wow". She loves me & I love her It's indescribable.