Jackass Number Two Unrated: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Jackass Number Two: Unrated" features another onslaught of clips that dance between the dangerous/stupid and the homoerotic. It is pure devil-may-care bedlam for much of the movie. I'll leave it for other sites to walk you through the dangerous/stupid, we'll focus on the homoerotic.

Let's just say that for a bunch of supposedly straight guys, they certainly enjoy one another's nudity. At one point, they have the old "test of strength" carnival attraction, where someone has to bring down the sledgehammer to send the weight up to ring the bell. In the Jackass world, the bell is removed and Bam Margera sits on top of it, so if the person hits it hard enough, the weight will slam into his balls. But before they even try it, Bam questions why they don't attach a dildo to the weight, he'll pull his pants down, turn around the other way so that if it gets that high, it can penetrate him. So, that's what they do.

I guess... well, just how straight can these guys be? By the end of it, you will see nearly every cast member naked, with a lot of full-frontal shots. Bam finally shows Bam-Bam to the camera in a deleted scene where he boards an elevator naked. Nothing happens, but after seeing Bam naked, I didn't really care. Bam's ass is present through a lot of the theatrical version, from getting a cock branded on his right butt cheek, to the aforementioned dildo gag.

There are also funny sight gags where Johnny Knoxville in 90-ear-old makeup has long, disgusting testicles hanging well out of his shorts, to the horror of onlookers. I've always liked the stuff they do in the old person makeup, and it works once again.

I did see the movie in theaters, but wasn't always entirely certain which bits were different from the theatrical release. There's not much need here to warn people away from this movie. You probably already know if you want to see this thing or not. For me, the question is always, why do I want to see it?