Just another boring journal entry

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I watched the end of Chrono Crusade today. It was sad... Sad is an understatement. I cried, a lot. Poor Asmaria.

I'm also waiting for the last episode of Kyou Kara Maoh to be uploaded to youtube. That series isn't like, amazing or anything, but it's worth watching just for Yurri and Wolfram. XD I love those two. <3

I didn't see much of Sora today. :( Because her parents were out... I think. But she did sneak over and steal my rice. XD She didn't stay very long because she was afaraid of getting in trouble I suppose. (She didn't say. But I can sort of tell.)

We spoke on the phone for hours today, and when she finally got off the phone with me (She was kicked off.) We started IMing eachother. Twas fun. =)

Yesterday I choked on a bit of carrot. My throat still hurts. (I like, sneezed while eating a carrot. Bad idea.)

I'm going to go to sleep because if I fall asleep, tomorrow will come faster. (Well, not really no. But it feels that way when I sleep... The more I think about it the more confused I get.) XD

Good night.


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I know what you

I know what you mean.....whenever I don't want to do something thats coming up the next day (work) I stay up late so it seems like theres more time before I have to go heh. But then its really hard to get up in the morning!

.....Laughing with pizza pocket in your mouth isn't good either. It got stuck up in behind my nasal passage for like 10mins and I couldn't breath out of my nose, then all of a sudden this huge chunk came sliding down. QUITE gross.