Kicked out, I left, Idk. drama.

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Tuesday Jan. 9th

OK. After this one I am caught up..

Wow. Okay. On Friday my mom tried kicking me out again. I was tired and wanted to sleep so I called my dad at work to talk some sense into her. Honestly- I did nothing wrong. Then the next day after work I was in my room and she got on the phone with m dad and was talking shit. As she purposefully stood there I opened my closet door and began pulling my luggage out. She kept talking and want away as I continued to pack. My face was so red! LOL. I was mad, scared, worried. Am I really doing this? Well, I did.

I went over and put my things in the foyer and then went to her room and said, "You don't have to wait until May. I'm leaving. Whatever's left in my room, you can throw it away. I have everything I need so I don't have to come back."

She said, "Aren't you gonna call your dad?"

"No. I'm leaving and I don't have to call anyone." And I left.

I opened the screen door and m brother went over and asked, "AJ, you're leaving?" "Yes." "Why?" "Because Mom's too mean" "Forever? (he started to cry)" "IDK." Silence..and then I just closed the door and walked away as fast as I could. * picked me up in Lytle but then we went back here because I realized I dropped a bag. (The one with all the important stuff too= money, checks, credit cards... driver's license, social..) I ran all the way back to my now ex-front door and it was maybe 5 feet awat from the house where I dropped it. Nobody watched me walk away or tried to stop me. I left late. I was with her Fri. night, Sat, Sun, and Mon night and then she dropped me off at around 445 where my parents picked me up. We had a good time..I think! We didn't go out anywhere but we got to be with eachother. A lot! I dropped her off at work, went over on her breaks, and picked her up. We watched TV last night and I think last night was my favorite night even though I think that's when she started getting sick AND it's when I really started getting sad about life but she held me and we watched tv and it got better. I love her.


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Hi i haven't been through

Hi i haven't been through what you have and hope I won't but just saying hi and hope things get better for you in life. Hope things turn out ok.


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That's really intense. I hope things work out OK. If you EVER feel like you are in danger or unsafe, or if you are in anything that could barely constitute as an emergency, call a hotline. Or find a gay youth shelter. Leaving home is dangerous.

We're here for you.

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