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ok, so all this week and the last week we had school we were doing fasion shows in spanish. all of the groups did a really good job, everyone was dressed well and spoke well. then it was my groups turn. aaaaaaand then it was my turn. i fell. actually, i had a soccer ball because i was supposed to be a soccer player. so i had the ball right and i had my foot on it and went to take another step and fell. and everyone laughed. and my teacher got it on tape. and then when he went to talk to people about how the show was (like he always does) the focus of his attention was me tripping and falling. people said how funny it was, how they counldnt stop laughing, and how the "ball tripped me." i almost died of embarrasment. they were so mean!! but then he asked my friend dominique, and she goes "i felt bad...i hope shes ok!!" and i ran over and hugged her. then, because i had spanish 2nd period of the day, my teacher went and showed every other class what i did. so people would come up to me in the halls and be like "hey, nice fasion show!" or "who am i?" and then fall over. it was so humiliating! i hated it. now i have to go to my friends house to get my soccer stuff because it was raining when i rode my bike home and so i asked her to take it... lets see if shes home! (maybe she'll bring it over!!)

oh! and i had a great new years!! my friend had her new girlfriend becki over, and a group of us called the Muffin Club. my friend bonnie drank like 4 bottles of sparkling apple cider, she claimed because they have none at her house ever. so we watched ice age the melt down, and bonnie started throwing stuff at becki, who was snuggling with her girlfriend. (the one who set this all up) and you'd hear ... OWCH! BONNIE!! but all's good. so it was like 4:30, and the older girls were like ok we're going to bed goodnight! and so we stayed up for like ever after that. and so becki calls across the dark basement "hey, are you ok with this?" of course, shes curled with her girlfriend under a blanket on the floor, doing who knows what. and im like ok with what and she wont tell me. so she goes upstairs (we're in the basement) to go to the bathroom, and i go up to get some water. i was coming back down, and she comes and goes "so, obviously you aren't ok with this. something happened between you and (her girlfriend). do you want to tell me?"
so we go over to the couch, and i tell her the story of how he girlfriend was my girlfriend, and we were all happy and stuff. then i find her journal here, and it says all this stuff about how she doesnt want me/love me anymore. and i sit on the couch and cry. so then becki tells me how her girlfriend for 4 years did that to her, got back together, then broke up with her again. so then we understood eachother and stuff, then started talking about george bush. and i was fucking MAD! i hate him! so then everyone else (except the older girls) came up and just sat there at the table, watching us and eating grapes and stuff. so i felt uncomfortable, so i went to bed. by then it was 6:15, and i got 1/2 hour of sleep, then ate breakfast and my dad picked me up. slept. ate dinner. watched football. slept. school.


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99 dreams I have had
In every one a red balloon
whoa you're whateversexual_llama's exgirlfriend! right? I know I'm kind of slow. That would be the wierdest thing if you aren't cause you guys have too many things incommon with your journal entries. I'm glad you guys are still friends, that's really cool. Oh and I hate Bush too he's an asshole.

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whoa x2

yeah, well... its not like it didnt happen right? yeah bush sucks man you shoouldnt have capitilized his name... hes too sucky for that..

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George Bush Jr.

I hate George Bush he is an ass one of the worst presidents we've every had i don't think he has done anything right.

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