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Oh. My. God.

Okay so like it was my gay friend's 21st birthday last night and he invited me out, but I have totally no money so at first I thought I couldn't go. But then I really did want to because we have a bit of a history of getting with each other when we get pissed, so I thought I might get lucky. So I increased my overdraft by £40 and went out. Could I *BE* happier that I did!

He got tickets to see Kylie Minogue in Wembley Arena on Friday night!! Two tickets! And guess who he is inviting along!? Me! I was like wow. I swear that guy has bought himself free blowjobs for the rest of his life.

Anyway, I didn't get with him in the end last night, he went back to his ex-boyfriends hotel room which did bother me slightly but hey, can't win 'em all. And I think I got the better deal anyway. I spent the morning after doing the moral thing and trying to hook him back up with his ex-bf because he really does like him, but his ex didn't want to "have a relationship right now", so that means "no, fuck off, I don't want to get back with you." I have to say I was ever-so-slightly pleased because I said to Terry that if he gets back with his ex then he needs to invite him. So I'm going instead. Yay for me!

My friend Kirsty text me when I told her and said, "congratulations you've managed to outgay yourself." That made me laugh out loud :P

I'm going to have to phone in sick for work though in order to go because it's such short notice I won't be able to get the days off. But hey, I think it's worth it.


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woot woot!!

Enjoy! and I had to laugh at the "Outgay yourself" too!

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Sounds cool. And good to see your still alive and everything

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