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She was fucking awesome! We got there about an hour early, bought a guide and a Kylie mug, the guide came with a Kylie shopping bag, hah. So queer. She sang all the greats, past and present. Wembley Arena isn't as big as I thought it would be but that was pretty good because you were able to see her clear as day, not just a dot on the horizon like when I went to see Robbie Williams. One of her outfits was like this amazing red sequin dress, fucking gorgeous. I want it.

If you ever get a chance to see Kylie, do it, she's a great performer! ^_^

Actually I recently saw an article in a paper saying some website did a poll of 5,000 gay people about who the greatest gay icons are of all time. I thought the results were rather odd. Kylie Minogue came in at number 1, which isn't that odd, but then Dolly Parton came in at 2? Madonna wasn't even given a mention, nor was P!nk. David fucking Beckham was number 6 and his wife number 12? I don't get that. Oh well.



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Cool sounds fun. And tough luck on the outfit. I've already shotgunned it

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"Gay icons"?? So, is that

"Gay icons"?? So, is that like, people who are GLBT and celebrities and stuff?? Sorry, had to ask. XD


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According to Wikipedia, a

According to Wikipedia, a 'gay icon' is:

"a larger-than-life celebrity or public figure with wide-spread fans amongst the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) communities. In particular, they are figures perceived to be strong or brave individuals who have wrestled with psychological demons, or issues of sexuality, or have suffered publicly and survived. Sometimes, the term Dycon is used to describe celebrities loved by the lesbian community in particular."

Personally for me, a gay icon is a celebrity who is very vocal towards the gay community. More often than not they aren't actually LGBT. From what I've seen some gay people feel that gay "icons" actually hinder the efforts of gay integration, and actually aren't iconic in the gay community at all. For me personally however, I think the argument supporting gay icons is stronger. I think straight celebrity support has really boosted general acceptance of homosexuality. People like Madonna and Kylie have said very openly that they have either grown up with gay people, and/or that their gay fans have been the most loyal to them over the many years they've been in show business. P!nk has said that most of her friends have always been gay. Kylie's song, "Better The Devil You Know" is thought of as a 'gay anthem' and she plays it as her first song on her latest tour.

I think it's very brave of artists like these to show such blatant support for a minority because they risk losing popularity with straight fans, I would say particularly straight males. Nevertheless they have taken the plunge and done so. People like Kylie and Madonna however have been vocal of their support of the gay community since the beginning, before they managed to be ultra-successful. Before they could have imagined their support would be meaningful to their careers. I guess this makes them iconic in a sense, because such a publically-approved-of figure thinks the gay community is great and therefore garnishes acceptance.

Whilst I don't feel the need to have a celebrity represent me as a gay guy, or for someone to justify my sexuality, I do feel in a broader sense A-list celebrities who support gays make a difference. And furthermore, all true artists I consider gay icons have not supported gay people simply to appeal to the gay community to get more money, but have done so way before they could have imagined they were going to be famous or that the gay community would have benefited them.

Good for them.

P.S. Riski_Call, this isn't just a reply to you because you state that you're wondering what a gay icon even is, just a general reply to those who seem to be 'anti-gay-icon'.

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