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So I dont know how many of you out there in Oasis Land watch The L-Word (which by the way if you haven't is amazingly great) but ive been noticing it's been getting alot more press because of there newer characters one which is played by Marlee Matlin and another played by chyphill sherperd(or however you spell it i stink at names). But anyways its been getting so much more press and it's actually beign talked about more which is great. Like guys have had people out promoting their shows (will and grace, queer eye etc.) But this is on of the first lesbian shows that i know of that is actually being promoted and talked about finally.
This is just my opinion doesn't mean it really is being talked about more or has never been talked abuot before. It walso doesn't mean that guys hsows have necessarily been talked about but this is just how i see it.


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I've seen one or two

I've seen one or two episodes. I think that the chief reason that it is worth watching is all the hot girls being hot; the dialogue is cheesy and the characters are under-developed.

But damn. They're hot.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Yep thats pretty much why me

Yep thats pretty much why me and my friends watch it.