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Gay teen prevented from giving blood

The sad thing is that the story ran in the San Jose, Ca Mercury News paper, thats my home town. This makes me sad.

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But how could any one not

But how could any one not know about that, I mean like anything other medical procedure you have to do the research before doing it, and that is very much in the list of things that may get you unable to donate blood. I mean I am pissed because I also can't donate blood, because my mom and dad are both carriers of Hep B and C, so I was born with a positive Hep test, so I can't donate blood or organs. I just think, the FDA needs to change the listing because well it is a bit outdated.

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It's kind of wierd that you put the one about giving blood up cuz I'm giving blood today. I even got a card that tells what blood type I am.

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Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
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