Moms are awesome people

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I got this queer magnetic thing for Christmas where it gives you a bunch of queer words and you shape a poem or sentence or something like that. I went into my room the other day and my step-mom had formed this with it:
a dream
a culture
a world
Above gender preference

I thought that was really cool, and I realized how lucky I am to have her as a mom. Yeah, so I just thought I should share that, and let people know that parents are supportive people, and after you come out to them it's awesome. She was actually the first person I came out to.


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that IS awesome. i wish my parents were as supportive but instead they call me a pervert and say i have a "nasty" mind.. lol. (i've accepted that they think that way... sry, i don't mean to be so negative..) but anyhow, she sounds like a wonderful person and i'm glad you realize how lucky you are.