My momma

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Last night i came so close to coming otu to my mom. I wanted to soo badly. I went downstairs and sat down on teh couch about to tell her. Then i went through the what if's in my head. I think she already knows but i'm still scared. I just don't want her to be dissapointed in me. Because i'm not going to live out the dream she had planned for me and that i had madee up through out my life. It's not that i want to tell her i just NEED to. it hurts knowing theres apart of me she doesn't know about.
I dont think i should need to tell her my sister doesn't have to tell her that she's straight so why should i say mom i'm a lesbian but still. AtrhghrH I'M FRUSTURATED!


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I know that feeling sucks.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Deep breaths.

Coming out is hard. Take a deep breath first, or a few. Don't think about what might happen when you tell her, think about the relief you'll feel after she knows. I told my mom I liked girls before I told her I was FTM. You say you think your mom already knows, that might make it easier when you tell her. It's a scary thing, I know. Your mom is gonna love you no matter what though. If you ever wanna talk, send me a messege.

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You can do it!

You can do it. From the post you made on the forums your mom seems pretty tolerant of gay people, and as you said both there and here, she probably already knows. She'll love you no matter what, as mothers do. The hardest part of coming out to a loving parent isn't the aftermath - it's getting yourself to do it. That being said, good luck. You won't need it, but I wish it for you all the same.